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Getting Started

Hey, I’m Spike! I’m a hedgehog and metrics whizz.

I believe that every ecommerce business should be able to improve their performance by using simple metrics, without the need for complicated systems. This awesome app will show you how to SPIKE your sales and grow your online business.

Increase your sales

You will learn how to spot new opportunities to SPIKE your sales …

And you don’t need to be specially trained to read multiple analytics systems. I’ll just pull out all the key metrics for you, so you can see exactly what’s hitting your wallet the hardest.

Set your personal goals

Want to measure your improvement by setting a specific goal? You can choose between Sales, Revenue, Conversion Rate or Visitors. Just select the one you want me to measure.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Compare to Last Year Reports

Seeing your results should be quick and easy. That’s why we have designed a powerful app to pull out your revenue, sales, conversion rate and traffic. We’ll then show you how it compares to key date ranges, so you can compare everything to last year’s results.

measure conversion rate

Measure conversion rate across:

  • Store average
  • Top browsers
  • Devices
  • Site search
  • Traffic
  • Landing pages

We’re on a roll!

You’ll have cost data from Adwords at your fingertips. In just one quick swipe.

And did you ever wonder what areas of your paid advertising are costing you a fortune? We’ll show you CPC, Cost, and Clicks — so you can sniff out and avoid those prickly campaigns.